WE scandal: Conservatives call for Bill Morneau’s resignation

Conservative MPs called for Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s resignation on Thursday, after Morneau admitted on Wednesday that he and his family have made “significant” donations worth tens of thousands of dollars to WE Charity, and only just repaid $41,000 in what he says were previously unknown expenses due to the organization, stemming from family trips.

MP Michael Cooper said Morneau has “breached multiple sections of the Conflict of Interest Act,” while MP Pierre Poilievre also said he has identified “at least five sections of the Ethics Act" that he says Morneau has violated, and asked why Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has not yet fired him.

The revelations that the WE Charity has paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in speaking fees to family members of Trudeau has blanketed the government in yet another cloud of allegations of ethical violations.

Morneau, like Trudeau, is being investigated by the federal ethics watchdog for possible violations of conflict of interest rules.

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