Trump announces further police funding in defiance of BLM activists

US President Donald Trump has vowed to increase police funding promising he will not cave to Black Lives Matter protesters and defund the police.

“We will never defund the police,” the president said.

“We will hire more great police. We want to make law enforcement stronger, not weaker. What cities are doing is absolute insanity.”

Under Operation Legend the Trump administration would deploy federal law enforcement to a number of problem cities facing continued protesting, rioting and looting.

President Trump announced US$61 million in grants to hire hundreds of new police officers as part of the Operation Legend initiative.

"Many of the politicians who want to slash resources for law enforcement have also declared their cities are sanctuaries for illegal aliens," Mr Trump said.

"With every single ounce of my strength I will be fighting.

"Opportunity cannot thrive where there is violence, prosperity cannot flourish where there is bloodshed and security cannot exist where there are violent criminals who are able to and maim with impunity."

Mr Trump vowed to continue his push back against America’s extreme radical-left who he claimed had a mandate to "push lawlessness".

"That is why we’re here today, to answer the pleas of those crying for justice, he said.

"For those people in Chicago and other cities where we’ll be, help is on its way."

Image: AP

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From: Sky News Australia

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