Those who lie on Qld declaration forms ‘should be banned from the state’

Qld Police Union President Ian Leavers says it is absolutely unacceptable to falsify information on the Queensland Border Declaration Pass.

The Queensland Police Union has called for 185 people to be banned from entering the state indefinitely after they were caught falsifying personal details.

Mr Leavers said “police right across Queensland have done a hell of a lot of work over the last few months to keep people out and try and keep us COVID-free”.

He said individuals who cross the border illegally pose both an economic and a health risk.

“We will decide who comes to Queensland the circumstances on which they come,” he told Sky News host Chris Smith.

“Those who lie and are deceitful on their forms, they should be sent back to NSW, Victoria, wherever they come from and they should be banned from Queensland".

Image: News Corp Australia

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From: Sky News Australia

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