Sky News Australia recognised for journalistic excellence at Kennedy Awards

Sky News Australia has been recognised for its outstanding television news and political coverage earning a series of nominations at the prestigious 2020 NRMA Kennedy Awards.

The Sky News team – led by Chief Anchor Kieran Gilbert and Political Editor Andrew Clennell – have been nominated for the Harry Potter Award for Outstanding Television for their coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic in the early days of the crisis.

As the COVID-19 pandemic emerged, Sky News was quick to set the agenda and Kieran Gilbert and Andrew Clennell revealed live on air that NSW and Victorian economies were to be shutdown.

Sky News proceeded to repeatedly break developments in this arena and explained to people the ramifications of what shutting down two of Australia’s largest states would mean.

Political Reporter Annelise Nielsen has also been nominated for Outstanding Political Reporting for her powerful interview with reality television Scott Cam about his $347,000 taxpayer funded role with the Federal Government.

One month on from the interview Scott Cam gave up his remaining salary as Careers Ambassador, with the Federal Government saying the COVID-19 pandemic had changed what he was able to achieve in the role.

There was no attempt to adapt or change his role in response to the pandemic. There’s no doubt that his interview with Annelise on Sky News brought an early end to his ambassadorship.

Sky News Australia was honoured for journalistic excellence last year by claiming the gong for Outstanding Political Reporting at the 2019 NRMA Kennedy Awards.

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