Republicans ‘turning on each other’ over whether to support Dr. Anthony Fauci

Republicans in the House are turning on each other when it comes to whether they support Infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci’s views regarding COVID-19 or President Donald Trump’s, according to the US Studies Centre’s James Brown.

Several House Republicans have attacked House GOP Conference Chairwoman Liz Cheney after she publicly supported Dr Fauci.

Representative Matt Gaetz of Florida accused Congresswoman Cheney of “working against” President Trump’s agenda.

President Trump and Dr Fauci have not appeared together onstage for weeks.

Recently the White House shared a list of outlining what it claims is a slew of erroneous claims made by Dr Fauci.

However, President Trump said the pair are “on the same team” and have not had a falling out.

Mr Brown told Sky News some Republicans are choosing to support the President over Dr Fauci.

“The dynamic between Dr Fauci and the president in the last day or so has been causing Republicans in the House to turn on each other,” he said.

“Republican Matt Gaetz from Florida has been publicly criticising Liz Cheney, the highest-ranking woman in the House, over her support for Fauci.

“It’s become one of those litmus test; do you support Fauci or do you support the President?

"It’s becoming totemic of a stand certain Republicans are taking against the misrepresentation of facts, Fauci being emblematic of a scientific, rational approach.”

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From: Sky News Australia

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