Labelling MasterChef racist is a worrying example of ‘toxic identity politics’

Sky news host Chris Kenny says the recent attacks at MasterChef are a worrying Australian example of how "toxic politics" of race and identity play out.

The long running TV reality program, Masterchef, has come under fire for it’s supposed ‘racist’ behaviour.

In a piece in the Sydney Morning Herald on Wednesday, Jessica Zhan Mei Yu complained about the "whiteness" and what she called the "bamboo ceiling" on the program.

Ms Mei Yu said she didn’t even watch the final of the program because "(her) team" had already lost, presumably meaning the Asian-Australian team.

“Choosing programs based on the ethnic background of who’s on them, and then barracking for contestants based on their ethnicity, well that sounds like a very race-based way to watch TV,” Mr Kenny said.

Mei Yu said not enough of the guest chefs on MasterChef were non-white and the program preferred French cuisine over a Vietnamese dish for fine dining.

She said all this betrayed a race-based reality.

“Look, I haven’t caught much of this series of MasterChef,” Mr Kenny said.

“And I certainly don’t have a ‘team’ in the contest.

“But silly me, I thought it was a bunch of wonderful amateur cooks testing and refining their skills in a contest, with a heap of expert mentors and judges.

“Wouldn’t it be nice if we could judge chefs, not by the colour of their skin but by the content of their dishes?”

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From: Sky News Australia

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