Gillard Labor govt to blame for leaving $600m bill for Aus taxpayers: Canavan

The government will not appeal the Federal Court’s ruling which declared the former Gillard government’s live export ban illegal.

Labor introduced the blanket ban on live exports in 2011 after an ABC report showed the mistreatment of Australian cattle in some Indonesian abattoirs.

Nationals Senator Matt Canavan told Sky News it was “a great result” and “a vindication of what the hard working men and women do in our live cattle industry”.

“It’s a tough industry, it’s hard country up here, but they make a buck out of it, provide a livelihood and they shouldn’t have had their livelihood shut down overnight nine years ago by the Labor government,” he said.

Mr Canavan said the 2011 decision “shut down a whole eco system and caused mass devastation”.

“It doesn’t just involve those who were hurt directly through the shutting down of cattle sales, but people who drive trucks were put out of work, people who run helicopter mustering operations, fencing contractors, feed suppliers,” he said.

A 300-strong class action is seeking an estimated $600 million in compensation for lost income due to the ban.

Mr Canavan blamed the Gillard Labor government for leaving a $600 million bill which Australian taxpayers would now need to pay out, but said the compensation was necessary.

He said the legal ruling was good news for Australians right across the business landscape.

“This court case helps clarify for businesses in this country that governments don’t just have the unfettered right to shut you down and that’s the greatest win here for our country,” he said.

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From: Sky News Australia

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