China wants to dominate the world: Australia can’t ‘give up’

Former speaker of the house Bronwyn Bishop says Australia can’t be intimidated by the illegal presence of the Chinese navy in the South China sea.

Australian warships have encountered the Chinese navy in the contested South China Sea.

“The Brits are going to put in a war ship as well, the Americans are there, the Japanese are there, [Australia has] got to be strong,” Ms Bishop said.

“We have got to understand that the aim of the Communist Party of China is to dominate the world.

“It wants to break the US dollar as the international currency.

“It wants to see Australia as a vassal state, that means we kowtow, we prostrate ourselves, we provide them with minerals and food … we would be slaves in our own country.

Ms Bishop says Australia got itself into this mess because it was "prepared to take cheap goods from slave labour".

“We have to be prepared to pay more,” she said.

“We have to be prepared to give our manufacturers a chance by giving them cheap energy and it cannot come from those turbines which are imported from china.

“We have got to get some common sense back into this government.

“We have got to see a change and we can’t give up.”

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From: Sky News Australia

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