Andrews govt must ‘get serious’ about keeping COVID-19 out of regional Victoria

Nationals MP Damian Drum has told the Victorian government it needs to “get serious” about containing the killer coronavirus to Melbourne so the state’s vulnerable regions are protected.

"Day after day after day people are just waltzing through and taking this disease into the regions," he said.

“At the moment you simply can’t be honest if you say you’re doing everything you possibly can to keep those one-and-a-half million people [who live in regional Victoria] safe."

The Victorian MP said the "very soft" borders around metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire needed to be significantly tightened.

“It’s very simple and it’s very clear that the borders around Melbourne are simply not containing people to that area,” he said.

“Every time there’s another outbreak in the regions, it’s always traced back to somebody who has flouted these rules and these directions from the premier.

“There are one-and-a-half million regional Victorians, and at the moment we haven’t got this thing and we’re desperate to make sure we don’t get it.”

Image: News Corp Australia

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From: Sky News Australia

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